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About GeoTrack

Get Complete Visibility of Vehicles and Assets with GPS Tracking

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We are Geo Track, a multifunctional GPS tracking and IoT platform used for mobile and stationary assets tracking and integrated with more than types of GPS tracking devices.
We are solution provider company of Nepal in the area of GPS tracking since 2019 AD.
Over the last few years, the need for a reliable tracking system has become undeniable. Is it tracking your vehicle, asset, personnel or kids? This is why we are introducing our comprehensive, yet the most user- friendly tracking system available in the market today.

Our product is suitable for individual, diplomatic missions, large and small organizations, travel agencies, etc. to monitor and manage their mobile assets, personnel throughout the country.

Our software application is simple to use, yet a comprehensive program that enables authorized person to view, monitor and manage all their mobile assets. We offer comprehensive and fully customizable reports that show how remote assets are being utilized.
Current Stature / Growth over the years since inception
One of the big reasons why Geo Track has earned such a high respect when it comes to our software and customer experience is that we work closely with the biggest GPS tracker company and deliver high-quality GPS tracking and fleet management solutions.
At this time, More then 3000+ customer already trusted and connected with us in the short period of time.
Geographic areas covered: Nepal, India , Australia and many more.

Our Mission

It’s time to take control of your vehicles and assets and start growing your business.

Our exceptional skills in being a fast and flexible partner reflect our needs to be closer to our clients in every world region. Long-standing experience, reliable supply chain, highest technology process models stand for our ability to produce millions of IoT devices to our clients.

Our Vision

We aspire to become one of the global leaders of providing unique IoT solutions that contribute to making people's lives easier. We are open-minded to conclude the environment to the creative, ambitious work professional in Nepal and planning for the rest of the country to grow and contribute towards our mission.